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2004 Energy Star Conquest
Model # GS2SHA
25.6 cu ft
69.75 H
35.5 W
35.75 D (with handle)


Three Years with Benjamin--February 14, 2009

On January 19, 2005, our baby, Benjamin Eric Ruben Pitts, was born in Guatemala. We learned of him on March 8th, 2005, at 10:30pm. He came home to be with us on February 14th, 2006 after three years, three plane rides, and we then became a family of three humans and two loveys.

We began our adoption of Benjamin almost 3 years before he was born, so it seems appropriate that I write this about him today, on our 3 year anniversary of his homecoming.

Benjamin has been absolutely one of the best gifts God has given us. We weren't looking for Benjamin, but from the minute we met him, we knew that he had stolen our hearts forever. He knew us and we knew him that moment in the lobby of the Westin Camino Real in Guatemala City, Guatemala. He was so little! Just 21 lbs--but already walking and he already knew so much! Our little munchkin, as we called him, especially back then.

God places extra responsibility on those who are called by His plan and His purpose to build their families through international adoption. Our baby Benjamin was such a presence in our lives from the moment we first laid eyes on him. It was also in that moment that we had to begin fighting for his very life; to bring him home from Guatemala.

It took us almost a year to get him home, and even when we did finally go to Guatemala on February 2, 2006, we lived at the Westin with him for 2 weeks, trying to get him out of the US Embassy and home with us. We faced a lot of corruption through our agency, our attorney, and a few other people, but we knew that we had this little baby boy and we were not leaving the country without him.

God was so faithful to our prayers and the prayers of so many around the world who supported and surrounded us during that time! We would email as often as we could from the business center in the hotel as to our status updates. That was when we learned we had sold our Iowa home and were going to have to find a place to live in Georgia almost immediately upon returning to the United States! Amazing, God's grace and timing.

From February 14th, in which we took 3 planes to leave 80 degree weather and return to 20 below degree weather, to March 20th, when we slept on the floor of our home in Suwanee, GA for the first time, we crossed many milestones.

We became insta-parents! Two weeks in a hotel, and then off to figure out a place to live and get moved! From Guatemala City to Dallas--we took Benjamin through airport security and arrived in customs with a top-to-bottom blow-out diaper. As the guy in customs argued with us about his citizenship status, we finally offered to let him change the diaper. When he refused and then let us through, we had 20 minutes to make it to our Chicago gate!! We flew from Chicago to Cedar Rapids, where everyone on board welcomed Benjamin home. He loved the airplanes...still does!

Then, we spent 3 days in Iowa, 4 days in Indy, and then flew to Georgia to meet with our wonderful realtor, Barbara, who helped me through 20 + houses with a "new" (to me) baby! We bought one of the very last houses we saw...nothing like a little "homeless" pressure to get you to choose a place to live!

Then it was back to Iowa to clean out, back to Indy for another short visit, then the very long car ride with Benjamin, Molly, and Sammy in the back. We had a little travel DVD player, and played Lady and the Tramp the entire 12 hour ride from Indy to Suwanee!! When we finally settled in the house, we had no furniture, so while our scared little Benjamin slept, we watched Lady and the Tramp on our laptop!

And so our journey as Benjamin's parents began. Benjamin is my very special boy. I have loved him my whole life, and as I am often quoted as saying--I could never love him more than if I had given birth to him myself. He is an extension of me. He is my very pride and my utmost joy. I love him with my whole heart, and I love to see how God will use him someday.

Now, if we could get him to quit eating his blankets...

Thank you, Jesus, for knowing better for us than we do. Thank you for the Benjamin gift we have enjoyed for 3 years. We look forward to a lifetime of Benjamin joy.


My boys (and Molly) at Christmas...how cute they are!

How do these things work?

Better yet, how do they taste? :)

Molly and Michael...hanging out on the pillow...Benjamin is too busy to pay attention!!

I love my bottle!!!

My Little Angel...

Benjamin's Christmas program at school. What a sweet angel he makes! :)

Michael loves Christmas!!!

Here are some pictures of Michael's first Christmas with us!!! :)
He loves the animated Snoopy and snowman that sing to him!


Terrible Tragedy in Guatemala--Please pray and help as you can!

(All of the below is copied from their friends, but it is true and his incredibly close to home, as the family that Josi had been staying with were also murdered, and were closely related to our agency's attorney in Guatemala. This could have been our Michael under different circumstances...)
Last night, Carla got the phone call that terrifies every parent---her sweet, beautiful daughter, Josi, had been killed. They were close to bringing Josi home and are as heart-broken as any family can be. Josi's new birth certificate had just come through and according to Guatemalan law, she is considered their daughter and sister---but she has been their daughter and sister in their hearts for much longer than that.
We know that Josi is twirling and dancing and smiling in heaven right now without pain or hurt. She died knowing that a family loved her unconditionally and was preparing a place for her in their homes and in their hearts. What we didn't know was that Josi's Father was also preparing a place for her and she is in His arms right now. In the meantime, He needed someone with a big heart to love and care for Josi and there was no better woman for that job than Carla. She has a heart for parentless children like no one I have ever met. Please pray for Carla and her family.

Jocelyn--home with Jesus on 12/5/2008

The Azhderian Family still owe alot from the adoption of Josi. They just sent the last payment for Josi a few weeks ago of $12,800. This horrible tradgedy should never have to happen to any family and then have to end up paying for an adoption when their child will never come home to them.

If you are like me and want to do something for this sweet family and do not know what to do, here is a wonderful way to honor precious Josi. They have a chip in button on their blog you can donate any amount to in Josi's name. I am praying that God will help them not have to worry about the financial end of this with all that they are going through right now.

If you want to help me with the memorial fund for Josi please post this on your blog, or spread the word to all your adoption friends. I think together we all can show our love to Azhderian family in their time of crisis. Click on here to go to there blog. They have a chip in button on their side bar of their blog where you can give your donation.


I know things are tight right now for everyone financially but any amount would help them I am sure. Hug your child tightly and forgo that pizza this week.


Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas...

Benjamin and his Christmas tree!! He is very proud of his tree...and if you notice (or even if you don't), this has become a tradition of ours--to take a picture of Benjamin next to (or underneath) the tree. This year, he has grown so much that he is half as tall as the tree!!! (No, it's not a terribly tall tree, but he has still grown quite a bit from last year!)

Benjamin decides to take a stab at being Santa...or at least an elf!

"Ok people...now you have all three of us sitting here, miserable because we either have or have had stupid items on our heads. Please stop taking pictures and let's get back to normal!!"

Benjamin loves his Sammy dog.

And, for those of you who wondered, yes, Julie and Steve CAN dress up. Please don't adjust your monitors, this is not a photoshopped picture--it is real (Ask Laura Reavis--she was our photographer!) This is us before Steve's corporate Christmas party. I have decided that I need much more comfortable shoes after last night!!! UGH! (And, thanks to my friend Becky, I purchased a top I would not have looked at twice, and Steve loved it. Thanks, Becky!)

(The conspicuous absence of Michael is due to his profound love of sleeping--we will try to get some new pictures of him up here tomorrow!)

The girls get ready for Christmas!!

Every year, we do it. Every year, they hate it. It's the annual "putting on of the Santa hat and reindeer antlers for Molly and Sammy"...check out their reactions! Merry Christmas, girls! :)

They think this is cute? I look stupid. Please take these things off me!!

We are NOT happy right now!!!

Oh sure, give me a soft blanket to cuddle with and you think I will be OK with this? Are you kidding me??


Michael's first Thanksgiving!!

Michael and Benjamin play at Nani and Papa's during Michael's first Thanksgiving weekend!

Michael plays with Uncle Brad--he loved his Uncle Brad!!!

Daddy and Michael taking a stroll around Nani's kitchen...

A close up of our baby boy...how sweet is he? :)

Michael tries on Benjamin's Indian headdress after the program at his school! He's not sure about it, though!

Benjamin's Thanksgiving program...

Benjamin played an Indian at his school's Thanksgiving program. Can you believe how much has changed in the almost 3 years we have had him? Benjamin will be 4 next month--we are amazed at how God continues to bless us (even through the trials) with our little Benjamin!

Benjamin prays very hard for his meal before they are dismissed to go EAT!

Benjamin sees Daddy in the crowd!

This is Benjamin's little girlfriend, Caroline. She gave him his first kiss at this program, and his face turned all different shades of red! She told him she loved him and he told her he loved her back. (Of course, Caroline has some competition with another little girl named Gracie!)

Benjamin prepares for his program as they walk in!

We are thankful, indeed...